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Church Street
Lower Weedon


The Warehouse
The warehouse contains a lot of the stock we do not have room to keep on the yard and it is situated at a farm just outside the village. It is a good idea to telephone before you come to see us, to ensure there is a member of staff available to accompany you to the warehouse to view the vast array of salvage on offer.

A lot of the images below were taken at the old building, but they still give a good idea of what to expect when you visit us.

  • Warehouse - Image 1
    In the warehouse, we have a large selection of doors, floorboards, architrave, and other timber. This picture shows a small sample.

    We always carry lots of mouldings and architrave - you can either re-use around doors, use as picture/mirror frames or, as I did on a TV programme, make a fire surround.
  • Warehouse - Image 2
    It may look a little chaotic, but you never know where you will find that sought after item. It is also worth noting that there is no reproduction stock in the warehouse.
  • Warehouse - Image 3
    We have lots of seating - benches from an old church, some fold-up chairs and a nice cast iron municipal park bench from Northampton, which has the Northampton Coat of Arms on it.
  • Warehouse - Image 4
    Here you can see a set of scales from on old Co-op, some outside light fittings from an old church and the latest in bathroom appliances - a hip bath!
  • Warehouse - Image 5
    Above is a quantity of fenders - some with nice brass fretwork, others mainly cast iron.

    There are also some fire dogs - if you look carefully, you can see a pair in the neo-classical style, made by the Carton Company.
  • Warehouse - Image 7
    A fantastic pine chimneypiece. Behind it is a Regency door, and in the foreground you can see a few original pine surrounds - there are always some of these in stock.
  • Warehouse - Image 9
    All kinds of freestanding furniture, including an iron clocking-in & out clock.
  • Warehouse - Image 10
    We can and do restore some of these.

    You may wonder what they have to do with architectural salvage. I have been dealing in these since 1982. There is something about the quality and intricacy of the ironwork that fascinates me, so I have never been able to leave them alone.

    There are an awful lot of poor reproduction bedsteads. Before you buy, compare an antique with a cheap reproduction - you will see there is no comparison.

    If you already own a bedstead but it is missing the bed irons, don't worry - we may be able to help you as we have some spares tucked away.
  • Warehouse - Image 11
    This is the first image of the new warehouse. As you can see, there is plenty of scope for a rummage.