Re-use -
A Solution
For Modern

Church Street
Lower Weedon


We always have some original pine floorboarding tucked away in our storerooms. So if you turn up and do not see what you are looking for, it is always worth asking.

At the back of the first image, you will notice our old shop front, standing upside down. We often have old shop counters and other shop fittings in stock.

As you can see elsewhere on this site, my team is used to restoring things by hand and, as in the images below, we still transport using the old methods!

  • Loading
    We sell both cleaned and uncleaned floorboards. After it has been de-nailed it is loaded up for a short journey over to one of our storerooms.
  • Going Down The Road
    The boards are taken down the road on the trolley. This can be quite hazardous, as you can see.
  • Almost There
    Here we are now, at one of my storerooms. This is a former Wesleyan chapel - the only preaching done here now is the virtues of re-use!
  • Unloading
    The timber being taken off and put in the chapel for storage. It is always advisable to wear gloves, as it is so easy to get splinters.
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    As you can see, this is very much a rural location, set in the centre of a village, but only 3 miles from junction 16 of the M1 and a quarter of a mile from the crossroads of middle England - the A5/A45.

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