A Sign Of The Times
This is a piece of my local history. It belonged to a pub in Lower Weedon affectionately known to the locals as "the blood tub" apparently fisticuffs was a favourite and regular pastime. The pub was pulled down when I was a child but the old place is still talked about. It is one of those many pieces that I come across that has a story to tell. The sign was proudly displayed in its heyday when the army was stationed in the village. Everywhere was thriving the cobbler, the butchers the ironmonger and there were twenty something establishments where ale could be acquired (every time its spoken about the number grows) Sadly when the army left a way of life
went with it and some businesses died, but memories always linger and this old tin sign is one of those time-sparks where images of the past can fly by in seconds. One minute the pub was standing the next its gone but one of the villagers rescued the sign and kept it along with a few other relics on his allotment, such as the old gate from the cemetery as time passed and he died. A chap from another village was asked to clear his patch, and that's how I ended up with it (and the gate which now hangs in a cottage garden in Warwickshire) The Phipps sign has now been given pride of place in a pub called Steaming Billy in Leicestershire