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Southern Homebuilding & Renovating Show, Sandown Park, 9-11 June 2000
A few shots of my stand at the Sandown Park show. All were taken early on 9 June, shortly after the show opened.

All items on the stand were available to buy, and this will also be the case at the Northern Homebuilding & Renovating Show at Harrogate in September.

  • The Stand
    A selection of fireplaces. The urn in the centre of the picture, one of a pair, was snapped up a little while later.
  • The Stand 2
    The display cabinet on the right show a selection of our large stock of salvaged original brass door furniture. It could be just a keep or an old escutcheon you are looking for. At the show I sold some locks which some house restorers had been looking for for 4 years. I had collected them over a period of 12 years, so it is nice when you find the right home for them to go back into.
  • The Stand 3
    The fireplace seen on the right attracted plenty of enquiries, mostly asking how the finish was obtained. It was metal polished in our own workshops and there is an image of the restoration work on this fireplace on the "Tour" page. If you wish to know more about restoration, send an email - we may be able to help you.
  • The Stand 4
    It can be quite confusing for some of the people that visited us as what looks old could be new, and what looks new could be old. The fire surrounds you can see are new. We make these out of reclaimed materials, but they are mistaken for antiques and our polished iron looks new but is in fact old!

    I look at it like this - there is nothing new. Everything has a generic connection to a design from the past.
  • The Stand 5
    We did put a "Please Do Not Touch" sign on the fireplace, but, as you can see, for some reason people are inexplicably drawn to caress polished iron.

    As you can, on the left hand side there is an interesting polished arched fireplace. It has a plaque on the front emblazoned with the words "Manchester Grate". The simplicity of this shape means it can be used in a variety of styles from a Baronial hall to a contemporary apartment.

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