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Making Stones
A passion of mine - I have the largest private collection of staddle stones in the country......probably! There is a certain magic about these stones and each one is different has its own attraction.

Due to the fact that I do not like parting with them, I have started making my own. They are not reproduction, this is hand worked stone. It is not about mass producing from a mould, it is about keeping skills alive. They are created from real stone, freshly dug from the ground.

I use people who have an affinity with stone, descended from generations of stonemasons. Great as a material sedative in your garden.

  • Raw Material
    First you need to see the basic shape in the stone, so hand sorting the individual pieces can take quite some time.
  • The Apprentice
    There is a lot of skill involved in making these stones which comes with experience, so we like to start boys young. If you can get their interest at this age, it will save craft skills for the future.
  • Cutting a Base
    Learning to work stone in the same way as it has been done for centuries.
  • Shaping a Top
    Occasionally, the older craftsman has to lend a hand.
  • A Finished Stone
    After all the hard work, here is an example of the finished Staddle Stone.

A more imaginative approach for the purist and the romantic