Re-use -
A Solution
For Modern

Church Street
Lower Weedon


Around A Yard
These pictures show a salvage yard.  It is an old yard, and a working yard, where the rough sits quite happily alongside the smooth.

This is to give you an idea of the sort of things you can find, even though they may not be available all of the time.

  • Entrance
    One of a pair of unusual Art Nouveau gates, total width 7 feet 6 inches
    (these were abrasive cleaned and primed before being sold).
  • Quarry Tiles
    A satisfied "salvager" hand picking tiles for his home restoration project.
  • Rummaging On A Yard
    Everything everywhere and our own warehouse is very similar - see Warehouse page. 

    There are some interesting glazed piercaps in the foreground these are now for sale on another yard in America.
  • Stone Arch
    This stone arch here is an example of the type of stonework that we have in stock. It was sold to an acclaimed Irish folk singer so that he could create a spiritual area in his garden, where he can sit and compose his music. It originally came from a church in Warwickshire which was sadly demolished - see my article, The Second Dissolution, in Period Living magazine May 2000.
  • A View Of The Yard
    In the foreground is an Art Deco clock which was originally fixed to the wall of an old co-op store.
  • Another Image Of The Yard
    In the centre is a huge mustard coloured kitchen shallow sink which has in the past been mistaken for a shower tray which might not seem a bad idea if the right home cannot be found for it
  • Pre-Restoration Stock
    These fireplaces are shown before restoration. You can also buy them "as is" if you want to have a go yourself
  • Restoration Work
    You will find more about staddle stones on the "Items Currently Available" section.

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