Polished Fleur De Lys
This firegrate is one of a pair that I bought from a builder who was retiring. He had salvaged an assortment of architectural pieces during his building career. I bought the contents of his yard which included a box full of Catholic plaster figures. Goodness knows where he got them from but, because they reminded me of my childhood and that there is an aura that they can give off, I have used them in my own home. They look great standing in front of Art Nouveau glass windows with the sun streaming in from behind them. I am not saying you should convert to Catholicism but that it's worth exploring the use of religious icons and ecclesiastical salvage as powerful decorative features. Maybe I will put some images of them on the site at a later date. Getting back to the firegrate above you will notice it's polished. This is something we actually do on the yard. This one is an original (as most of ours are) and it has now gone into a listed property. I was impressed by the commonsense of their listings officer. I have often hit the brick wall of rights and wrongs about reinstating salvaged materials into a listed property. Should it be new or old? In this case I was told the officer was on the same wavelength as me. He would rather they reused an original than install one of the poorer quality reproductions that are available now. If you are not sure what is the right fireplace for your home, do some research first. A few minutes in a library could save you from making an awful mistake.