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Dragons & Gargoyles
These little chaps have proved to be extremely popular, and we often receive enquiries about them through this site. We have had problems with delivery in the past. One customer in particular had a dragon delivered to her home, and was disappointed to find it had been damaged en route. We sent a replacement and this suffered the same fate. We had no option but to ask new owners to collect them.

However, we have now invested in some new machinery and we are happy to say that we can now ship worldwide. So, if you are interested in either a dragon or a gargoyle, you can now arrange your purchase by telephone, fax or email, and it can be delivered to your home. Of course, you can still come to the yard to meet them face-to-face and take one home with you.

These have been sculpted in clay, then a mould has been made and, with secret aging processes, we are able to replicate them. They are not very old, but are skilfully made. We are intending to increase the range of unusual objects.

  • Dragon Finial
    Crouched as if ready to leap from the highest rooftop!
  • Dragon Measurements
    We are often asked for the measurements of the dragons, so I thought it would be simpler if they were here on the website.
  • Gargoyle Finial
    A gargoyle finial which I reinvented to create a gothic birdhouse. Sometimes you have to use your imagination to see the potential.
  • Gargoyle Finial
    When I first came up with this idea, I was laughed at. It would scare the birds to death! But I am shortly about to visit some "salvagers" who had some feathered lodgers quite happily visiting their own gothic birdhouse.

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