Re-use -
A Solution
For Modern

Church Street
Lower Weedon

The Showroom
The former Weslyan Chapel was completely renovated in 2003. Here is a selection of stock just to give you an idea of what we have at Rococo.


                    Pine Surround                                   Fireplaces                                        Pine Surround



                            Rustic                                        Goodies                                         Rug


                         Gothic Doors                               Gothic Arch                                      Glass


                                  Royal Doulton                                Fireplace                                   Glazed Panel



                                     Bedstead                                  Timber Blocks                                 Boudoir


                Carved Pine Chimneypiece                                Hob Grate                                     Register Grate


                    Stick/Umbrella Stand                                  Bench                                                Table


                     Brass Letter Plates                             Letter Boxes                                Wooden Door Knobs


                         Centre Door Knobs                            Cast Iron Brackets                               Air Vent


                                   Finger Plates                                   Minton Tiles                        Wooden Door Knobs


                               Copper Fender                                  Olive Pots                            Sash Window Pulls


                             Rim Locks                                Brass Jam Pan                                Cup Handles


                             Candle Holder                                       Dog Grate                                     Dairy Tray


                                Cupboard                                    Dresser                                     Copper Bath


                                    Chair                                                Bowl                                       Bread Boards

A more imaginative approach for the purist and the romantic