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Church Street
Lower Weedon


Cast Iron
We have many cast iron items in stock, and below you can see some examples.

  • Cisterns
    A sample of our cast iron high-level cisterns. Again, once devoid of paint, they can be polished and restored to their former glory.
  • Polished Cistern
    One of our specialities is metal polishing - we actually do it ourselves and understand how you treat the material in more ways than one. High level cast iron cisterns look fantastic polished and we always have a few in stock. But you will find that most of those finished and on display have a 'Sold' tag on them, so quite often you will have to choose one in its original state. We will then undertake the restoration work. You will find this is the case with a lot of my stock, as it has taken me some years to assemble a workforce with the skills required, skills that might otherwise be lost. So don't be put off by all the rusty old objects - we are one of the few yards that restore in-house.
  • Cistern In Situ
    Here is the cistern installed in our shop. However, as soon as we install them as in the image, we seem to sell them!
  • Hoppers
    A selection of our rain hoppers. These can be put to other uses - once the flaking paint had been removed and they had been polished, I used two of them as a pair of unusual uplighters.

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