Bedsteads 2
This is an image of a 3ft 6in bedstead. He is holding one end and his wife is holding the other in the previous photograph. You will notice she looks a bit happier about the purchase! Not that there is anything wrong with the bed, it's just that he preferred a curly 3ft iron one we have in stock. Funny things bedsteads - you can usually tell which type of bedstead a male or female will choose by the thickness of the post. Females tend to go for the decorative bed with the thinner post (1 inch), males the 2 inch post with a brass rail on top, but these two proved me wrong!

We are actually outside the old yard in New Street.  The old butcher's yard we are in now is right behind my customer and, in the distance past the corner of the pub, you can see the side wall of our showroom, the old Wesleyan Chapel in Bridge Street.